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Hd & Sd Picture Dropping Out (lg Pvr Or Hitachi Plasma)?

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Hello All

I have a Hitachi 55PD8800TA 55" Plasma and also an LG LST-5402 250Gb HD PVR. I have recently been experiencing a drop out of the signal when watching TV broadcasts (both through HD & SD channels). Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and is it the PVR, Plasma or the HDMI cable, or even the digital transmission in the Adelaide region? (I live in the metropolitan area of Adelaide with direct line-of-sight to the transmission towers at Mt Lofty). I have not experienced this issue while watching DVD's (through a composite connection). It was particularly annoying last night when my wife was watching Grey's Anatomy (annoying for me cos I copped all the grief of 'why is it doing this'?).

If anyone has any idea's on what this is and what i need to do to fix it, i would be most appreciative.


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How many more times are you going to post the same question ??? :blink:

Sorry that my problem and desire to get it resolved is causing you such distress. In response to your other excellent advice of "use search", i tried that before I posted and ended up with about 10,000 options ... I was just hoping someone who'd possibly experienced the same drama had actually some useful advice that they could quickly pass on, rather than me spending many many hours trying to find some answer through one on the threads.

Not sure if I'm looking for a needle in a haystack, but it often feels like it.

Apologies if this response inconveniences you greatly.


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Have you noticed whether this problem occurs more often when it's windy and/or raining?

I had a similar problem, which was particularly bad on windy days. It affected channel 9 more than the other channels to the extent that I couldn't watch anything on 9.

I ended up replacing my antenna with a digital specific one (not designed to receive VHF channels below ch 6).

You won't get terribly good analogue reception with it, but if the aim is to get great digital reception, it's worth a try. Cost was $100 from Jaycar.

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