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Abc Boss Rules Out Advertising On Tv, Radio

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:ph34r: Maybe they're just making pre-election statements. :ph34r:

As you say - non core promises...

The ABC can't do advertising in any media other than magazines. Why? Because that's what the BBC does, and they can't think beyond what they do :-)

Also, a huge part of the ABC's unique selling point is the lack of interrupting ads. SBS had that, and got rid of it. Getting rid of them drives program-picking viewers to download or purchase programs instead of watching them live.

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Well there is certainly a lot of self promotion that happens between the ABC TV programmes I watch and during Melbourne ABC local radio that I listen to daily.

From my POV it seems as though ABC local radio is becoming a ratings driven entity requiring the use of techniques that would be more at home on a commercial network.

(but then perhaps the work experience trainees are merely exercising the skills they will need when finally sold off to Macquarie networks as a commercial entity :blink: )

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hmm, they ruled out watermarks at one point as well didn't they. Much like JWH said no GST.

So, for now no ads, in 5 years time, who knows.

ads on ABC would not make much difference anyway. Their self promoting program announcement "ads"

are just as annoying.

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