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Playstation 3 "ir' Remote


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Thinking of importing a minimum 1000 of these.



1. Professional: designed for Sony PS3 Blue-Ray DVD - ROM specially, to solve the problem, and use an IR system on Sony PS3 instead of the Blu-Ray disk remote.

2. Manoeuverable: use remote to control; use IR receiver to receive IR signal; connect to PS3 with USB, plug and play.

3. Convenient: the maximal effective distance is 12m, so you can sit down on your sofa to control DVD playing without moving.

4. Smart: remote controller: length: 14cm; thickness: 2cm. IR receiver: length: 8cm; thickness: 2. 5cm; bright-black color

5. Safe: compliant for RoHS

6. Dependable: CE, FCC certification

If using the learning function on Harmony remotes (for instance) it will do away with Blu-Ray and therefore, just one remote to use for all gear.

any comments.

Very intrested also!

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Found this one today..

Looks like another good option, would have to order it from UK tho..

Anyone tried these?

I've read about people on avsforums who have used them.

I wish I could get one locally, I'm dying to get this thing under IR control.


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received the remote yesterday, took a bit under two weeks to arrive.

"Learned" the IR commands into my Harmony, plugged the USB key into the front of the PS3, and away we go.

Works like a charm, does everything except power the console on and off.

Luckily the left/right/up/down navigation keys actually work to control the dashboard as well, so it makes life very easy.

Well worth the $25.


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