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New Model Samsung Plasma

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I put a deposit down on a current PS50Q7HDX Plasma last week, I got a call from the store today and they cant supply the TV as Samsung just dont have enough plasmas to meet demand.

They have given me the option of waiting for 5 weeks (late Aug) and get the new model at no extra charge. I think the new model number is PS50Q9HDX?? - I am not sure what the difference is and they didnt know either.

I need to make a decision soon id i dont want it so I can get my deposit back and start all over again.

Anyone know anything about these new models?

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Here are some stats. you can translate if you like. Difference looks to be 3 HDMI inputs:

Specificaties van de Samsung PS42Q9

• Beeldschermgrootte: 50 inch ( 127 cm )

• Resolutie: 1365 x 768

• Helderheid: 1300 cd/m²

• Contrast: 15.000:1

• Beeldverhouding: 16:9

• Kijkhoek: 175º

• Aantal kleuren: 16bit (281T)

• Grijswaarden: 65.536

• Sound Effect Systeem: SRS TruSurround XT

• Geluid output (RMS): 10W x 2

• Tuners: NTSC 4.43, PAL-B/G, D/K, I, I/I’, SECAM-B/G, D/K, SECAM-B/G, D/K, L/L’, AV Multi

• Composiet (AV): 1

• HDMI: 1

• HDMI (Anynet+):2

• Stroomtoevoer: 220 ~ 240 V (50/60Hz)

• Standby stroomverbruik minder dan 1W

• Energy Star

• Afmetingen met draaivoet (b x d x h): 1231 x 316 x 849

• Afmetingen zonder draaivoet (b x d x h): 1231 x 104 x 789

• Gewicht met draaivoet: 44 kg

• Gewicht zonder draaivoet: 41,6 kg

• Accessoires: Wall Mount VESA 600 x 400

Here is a link with more info:


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in english :blink:

Different sizes, they offer to the choice a diagonal of 50 inches (PS-50Q9) or 42 inches (PS-42Q9). This new plasma offer of Samsung profits from technology exclusive house: “Ultra FilterBright” which comprises a panel and a filter improved in order to minimize the reflections of the image and to maximize contrast. Models PS-50Q9 and PS-42Q9 present a ratio of contrast of 10.000:1 and treat the colors on 16 bits thanks to their new processor. Samsung also applied its treatment “Editor Silhouette” contributing to eliminate false contours, the noises and the tremors in the scenes with fast movements. As for numerical connectivity, it integrates the single system of remote control Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) and 3 catches HDMI (including one on the side) to connect multiple numerical interfaces, to connect the TV to a Blu-ray reader for example.

Principal specifications of models PS42Q9 PS50Q9:

Resolution: 1024x768 1365x768

Ratio of contrast: 10.000:1 10.000:1

Luminosity: 1.500cd/m2 1.300cd/m2

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