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Sony Uk Boss Calls Us Citizens "cheap People"

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The ole Sonymeister just can't take a trick. :blink:

I always love it when big manufacturers try to justify the various and sometimes massive pricing discrepancies between virtually identical products offered in different jurisdictions. Of course Sony is not the Lone Ranger there. Even Toshiba is guilty of this. For example the HD-XA2 HD DVD player can currently be had for USD599 shipped within the US from Amazon which translates to about AUD800. And how much do Toshiba Australia plan to sell the XE1 to us for?....a RRP of $1,599.

....."But that's because of the smaller population and marketplace, a different power supply, different supply chain cost structures, the tyranny of distance, different tariff policies, GST, El Nino effect in the southern hemisphere", yada yada yada.

But c'mon twice the price man! Obviously not enough cheap people in Oz. At least Toshiba are not foolish enough to get quoted saying something like that. :D

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Well...they are. The minimum wage for US people is about half that of the UK. That's pretty cheap in comparison.

are people on minimum wage goign to be buying sony ps3 or blu-ray ?

average wage might be a better comparitor. whats average wage for an aussie compared to one in the us. all a bit deceptive in my opinion because freight might be peanuts in US or UK vs here. and thats not allowing for frieght to this country. though quite liekly where the good are made in asia is closer to us than uk or us. sony is jsut tryign to justify their relatively(to the opposition) overpriced goods.

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