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Fs: Cheap Blu-ray Player (re-post)

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Flame away. Its the internet!

I have sold many items on the internet for what was too high a price and there are always "Experts" who will draw your opinion to technology or price. Thats capitalism.

I made a statement to draw peoples attention to what I had read recently about prices falling considerably - its not designed to hurt the seller, but rather inform the potential buyer to do their research before they jump because the player they saw at HN was $999 yesterday isnt representative of the market price. And if the seller is preying on the innocent then the innocent should be protected. I have seen Marks threads on here for ages so I assume that is not the case, but nevertheless, I would hate to be the person buying this and then finding out next gen technology released in a month or two costs half as much - often this is the motivation of sellers selling "near new" items - not that this was the case here as I say.

If you aren't interested or don't have anything positive to say then.....DON'T.

What you wrote has nothing to do with the topic here. Are you interested or not?

BTW why did you quote yourself?

I'd snap this up if I could, unfortunately, new house etc makes it impossible to buy ANYTHING short term

Good luck however, it is a bargain. I wouldn't sell it for that price, let alone anything less! Sorry your thread has come to this Nightbreed, it's a bit sad when you can't give fellow forum members a chance to snap up a bargain withouth criticism.

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