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Buy A Hd-dvd Day

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The idea is to show support for HD DVD by buying movies on a specific day. There is no better way to show support for HD DVD than by backing it financially. That is the language the movie studios understand best. If there is a strong demand for HD DVD software, then hopefully Blu-ray only studios will at least go neutral.

I'm thinking of grabbing Children of Men or Happy Feet

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I understand and appreciate the spirit but I don't really get the point to be honest. Surely long term sales orders from the studios to a number of retailers to keep up with the demands by customers over an extended period is a lot more meaningful than a single day of sales from one retailer. And I know Amazon is popular but is there any reason why we'd want to give them all our orders? I think the other retailers deserve better to be honest.

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HDD is looking even better, Brand new HD-E1 $684 + free HD DVD movie from Australian ebay store, price is dropping nicely

HD-E1 $684

Wow, that guy also has Yammy 2700Bs for a ridiculous price and claims he is an authorised dealer with full warranty.

It's a pity that Yamaha won't accept a warranty claim on goods purchased of the 'net.


edit: funnily enough he is not listed as an authorised dealer on the Yamaha website either.

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Anyone else support this? Looking at AVS there is a bit of an ordering frenzy

I just ordered:

Spy Game [HD DVD]

The World's Fastest Indian [HD DVD]

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas (HD DVD)

Children of Men (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD)

The Good Shepherd [HD DVD]

I would have ordered more but couldn't find anything else, most others I wanted are pre-orders, and will be available around the time I go to the US myself anyway so I'll just grab those then and save shipping.

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By last count there were over 320 AVS members who registered support in the thread, and by the looks of things, the average order is 5+, so that should be quite a boost of support, will be interesting to see what comes of it.

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