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Fujitsu Panel

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It is a suppression sleeve. Basically an inductor which filters high frequencies from passing. Not absolutely necessary, but cannot do any harm at all so may as well put it on. In rare cases can improve the power signal going to the unit if there were any high frequency coming down the 240v/50hz line. You will see them on many manufacturers cables as a "be sure" inclusion such as usb cables and other signal cables, and of course power leads. Dont panic if you dont have one but if its free go ahead and use it. A digital tuner televsion is quite a complex machine and vulnerable to interference. Remember, in the end the power line is manipulated by the processed signal from the tuner to give an outcome to the panel so there are many ways that it may benefit. Of course, it should not be mistaken as a replacement for a good power surge/filter board.

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