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Reminder - Big Blue On Abc Tonight

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All I can say is...

What a hodge-podge of acquisition frame rates!

Some shots are 50 Hz capture,

Some shots are 25 Hz capture,

Some shots have bad motion artefacts due to vari-speed,

Some seem to have been converted from something else.

They don't know that you should pick a frame rate and stick with it for the whole programme.

And it doesn't look very sharp either.


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Did anyone else notice that this is in AC3? It's on now in Perth and I noticed the extra punch from the sub and saw all the speakers lit on the amp. Excellent!

Yeah, didn't watch the show but checked it out quickly when it started and noticed it was in DD 5.1. Hopefully this happens more often.

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Jet gave the buzz on this earlier today he's a good source of ABC info


I thank you - but in reality "GEPM" is the best source of ABC HD & DD info, I just pass on any gems I get from 'selected sources' - who in turn get their info from a person called "Deep Throat" lurking in the dark, behind a pillar in basement level 4 of the ABC's Ultimo car park - or is that the "Grassy Knoll" ???

Anyhow I hope you all enjoyed the show - alas I missed it (bugger!), maybe next time, I'm reasonably sure they bought more than one run?

Cheers & 73's

Jet :ph34r:

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