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Lg Lock Up Problem

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LG TV's hit with digital 'freezes'


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March 21, 2007 - 6:39PM


Consumer electronics manufacturer LG has identified the problem that has caused a number of its television sets to lock up during digital transmission in recent weeks.

The company says "tens of thousands" of units have been affected and has offered customers free in-home software upgrades to help rectify the problem.

"Over the past 48 hours, LG has conducted in-lab tests and established the cause to be a software issue, whereby selected LG digital TVs can intermittently lock-up or freeze under certain signal transmissions," LG said.

"LG is working with free to air networks to ensure that no further disruptions are experienced by viewers."

LG's Australian marketing manager, Darren Goble, said the solution would probably take several weeks to months to fully implement across Australia.

"We believe it was predominantly Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane that has been affected but I can't be 100 per cent sure that they are the only markets that have been affected," he said.

"I am hearing feedback that there may be other territories that have been affected."

He said the freezes had occurred only at random points in time over the past three weeks, which did little to help technicians narrow down the source of the problem.

The problem applies to certain LG sets with integrated digital tuners purchased after August 2006.

Affected LCD models include the 32LC2D, 37LC2D, 42LC2D and 42LC2DR while affected plasma screens include the 42PC1DV, 42PC1DG, 42PX4DV, 50PC1D, 50PC3D, 50PB2DR, 60PC1D and 60PY2D.

Rear projection sets include the 56DC1D, 62DC1D and 62DC1DA and the 32FS4D cathode ray tube model are also affected.

As an interim measure, LG said customers experiencing further TV "freezes", should turn the power off, unplug the TV at the wall power socket and allow 20 minutes for the unit to power down before turning it on again.

cheers laurie

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