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Extended Warranty

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I'm starting to put together information relating to extended warranty between the places I'm likely to make a Plasma purchase from,.. I've read varying things on various threads but thought it might be useful to have it all in the one place, hence this thread.

What I'm looking to purchase is a Pana 50" Plasma and will buy around Easter - unless something else prevents me from doing this.

What I have so far:

Good Guys.

State on their web site here that their extended warranty is provided by Horizon and that they provide:

1. Manufacturers warranties cover on average 1 year, Horizon 5 can provide cover for up to an additional 4 years.

2. Horizon 5 covers all breakdowns due to manufacturing defects, including normal wear and tear.

3. There is no limit on the number of claims you can make during the extended warranty period

4. If a product can't be repaired it will be replaced with an equivalent product

5. Horizon 5 provides in home servicing for larger items at no extra cost

The important bit to me is point 5 - the onsite servicing,.. Rest seems to be standard. There's also no mention of the so called 'Lemon-clause' where the same fault repeatedly occurs the panel is replaced, but I guess the point 4 alludes to it.

What I'm also interested in is

- the cost of the above - which I figure isn't negotiable

- whether the Pana warranty covers on-site service

- who is liable for any transport costs during factory warranty, and extended warranty

I understand that neither would 'wear' any installation/deinstallation, i.e. wall mount/dismount if required

Would also apprciate if anyone has similar information for:

- Harvey Norman


- Myer

- David Jones



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I don't know. I can't see what's to be gained by another thread on the same topic.

The problem is that it doesn't bring it all together and a month from now this will be just another warranty thread.

The following three threads had 25, 19 and 17 replies respectively. What else can be said?

Query about Plasma's and Warranty

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty - Is It Worthwhile?

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