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Pana Plasma - Loud Zapping Noise At End Of Ad Breaks

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Hey all,

I have a panasonic viera plasma, Th-50PV500A, and for quite a while now it makes a really loud electrical zapping noise at the spot when the ads have just finished and the show is about to re-start (ie when the screen is momentarily black).

It is hooked up to an LG HD STB PVR (LST-5403P). Firmware version 106.

This is through the TV speakers (haven't hooked up the PVR to the amp as yet).

Does anyone else get this?

Is it harmful to the plasma?

I can live with it, but it's annoying, and it didn't used to happen. It's been going on for quite a while now, I just haven't bothered to worry about it too much.

Thanks for any help.


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i have a similar issue with my 50PX600A. not sure if its related

you know the sound a bench or cabinet makes when it "creaks". actually it sounds closer to a small "bang". i cant pinpoint it exactly. however, i do think that it is coming from the rear left side of the unit where you can see the units internals (a bunch of large blue capacitors and a long heatsink). i havent taken any notice of how long the unit has been on for or any other details. so far its happened only about 3 or 4 times in the 5 months that ive had it

could it be an electrical discharge or something ? nothing bad has happened from it *touch wood* and nothing seems wrong with the unit. for all i know it could be the cabinet itself and im worrying about nothing, but the fact that the sound is always the same and comes from the same spot keeps me concerned

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Does it happen on one particular channel (9HD), or all of them?

I have a PX600 and I notice a similar effect, only on Channel 9HD.

I figured it is a sound glitch in the transmission when the audio stream changes between ads and the program.

I don't watch that much of 9HD, but it is annoying when it happens and should be fixed.

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