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Bad Digital Reception At Night On Abc In Perth

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Recently I have been gettiyng an Bad reception on all the ABC channel: HDTV, Perth and ABC2 -- this only happens at night, during the day the reception is fine. All the other channels are fine through the same aerial/system, and at any time during the night/day. Analogue TV through the same aerial is fine for ABC also.

Is there anyone who is also experiencing this problem and/or is digital reception just worse at night?

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Guest splitter

I dare say that if its at night the damper air is usually a factor when older antennas are concerned as the connections to them are corroded and the connections are poor. Saying that just a new antenna is not always the solution as many digital problems require the antenna to be moved to achieve a clean signal....Especially with all the new developments nowadays the environment is changing daily..oh and the valley behind the garage is not the best spot for an antenna as many a perth house has it there thanks to the cowboys out there!!!!


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