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Take It Or Leave It - Bravia V 40" Lcd? Any Comments?

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I have won a Sony Bravia 40' V Series LCD through a work incentive. I was not even looking into LCD/Plasma displays having a 76 cm Pana and Sony Projector + screen setup already.

So I've now got a good problem. My viewing position is just under 3 metres from screen so by most vieiwing distance guides the 40" screen is a bit small.

80% of viewing would be from Foxtel digital - a fair proportion being football & some AFL. The remainder would be DVDs & a little FTA

My dilema is whether to sell the Sony ( still in box) and go for a 50" screen ( probably Pana plasma )

I'm up for a new low line entertainment unit whichever screen I finish with

Would the 50" be overkill for the viewing distance and relatively low PQ of foxtel?

Considering not many retailers have a way to simulate your normal viewing position and distance in front of the size screen being considered - it is not proving a simple decision. :blink:

Any constructive input?

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Any constructive input?
I suspect many people would find watching a 40" TV at 3m pretty 'comfortable'. Recommended viewing distances are also designed to get you as close to the screen as possible without viewing artifacts (like pixelation) intruding. To be honest I find getting that close to a big screen fo casual viewing pretty off putting.

As for the 40" Bravia itself its a good one and oft recommened on the forum.

Based on your viewing habits I think you've also quite correctly that as you blow Foxtel up it displays an increasingly poor PQ. I'd be loath to go much further than 42" with high quality SD. Foxtel on a 50" would just look blah IMO. (How's it look on the projector? :))

Finally, You're looking at a choice between

a) A 100% free TV experience that's a reasonable fit. (sell the pana and make a profit even)

B) A $1000+? (Selling 40" second hand and buying 50" new) or so outlay to get something that might be slightly better (or as I'd suspect actually slightly worse) - not to mention the running around to get all this sorted.

So, I'd suggest you plug in your new TV and relax. Maybe buy a cheap $200 PVR for limited FTA recording.


Peter Gillespie

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Pana 50" can produce a better result in some situations - fast moving action and movies from your viewing distance for example. Foxtel is the big problem though - not going to look good on anything especially blown up on 50". I have seen really poor quality DVD on 1080 X series looking almost unwatchable, so panels are not the issue - source is. Pana 50" is better for my money but others may be right - maybe not worth it in your situation??

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