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New Tv For Ps3 - Thoughts?

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hey guys,

I'm getting a PS3 and really looking forward to bluray and HD games.

my current tv is a 42" toshiba, 852x480 but it doesn't have hdmi.

Looking at putting it in the bedroom and getting a new tv.

My shortlist is ;

- Pioneer PDP-507XDA, approx $4600

- Sony Bravia 46" lcd, approx $5200

- There are various 50" LG/Samsung plasmas on ebay brand new for 3k, they are 1366x768 screens. i.e. one model as an example is the LG 50PB2DR

The amplifier for the hdmi connection is a yamaha 2700 if that matters.

Any thoughts on what would be the best option?



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Since your objective is gaming and Blu-ray with the PS3, you probably want a 1080p screen, which trims your choice to the Bravia. If you want a lot more immersive gaming, have the space and don't mind saving a grand, you could go with the Sony 60" SXRD.

-- Ata

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