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42pv60a Settings For 360 Hd-dvd Via Vga

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I have been playing around with settings for ages trying to get them perfect but I have never reached a point where I am really happy.

ATM I am running:


1280 x 1024 widecreen (I think it makes a difference over 1024 x768)



Contrast: 78

Brightess: 52

Sharpness: 32

Colour: Cool

Gamma: 2.5

On this setting, blacks seem to be ok and colours are vibrant and noise is near nonexistent. But I still think it could be better

I find that on the VGA connection everything is very sharp but some coulours are lacking, so I have moved to my custom Dynamic setup which works quite well. I use standard on all my other inputs but with the 360 I prefer Dynamic.

Anyone else found some good settings worth trying?

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