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Healing Hsr999

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Your antenna signal may be close to the digital cliff edge, and when it occasionally reduces further you see this 'freeze'.

One way you could do something simple to check if this might be happening is to get a couple of in-line attenuators from Jaycar/DSE. Plugged into the antenna input, these would reduce the antenna signal input to the STB/PVR. Maybe get a 4 dB and a 9 dB one. If your reception is borderline, these attenuators would make it worse and you could see how the STB/PVR responds.

The better way to do it of course is with a digital field strength meter. That would really tell you what is happening.

I know what your talking about charlesc, I use a variable attenuator for this purpose, 0 - 20db in 4 turns (ie 5 dB per turn), this allows to know how much headroom is available to allow for rain fade etc. What longshot is saying is that this momentary freeze could be the way the Healing deals with the dropout/fade - it doesn't pop/pixelate etc.

You are correct in that he could use this method to test to see if the HSR 999 does the same thing with the attenuated signal. I only find this particular quirk happens on recorded programs, not with real time programming. :blink:

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I only find this particular quirk happens on recorded programs, not with real time programming.
Yes, I noticed that from your comment above. That would make more sense from a hard drive point of view..

Longshot seems to say clearly the problem is with watching realtime. Anyway, maybe the attenuator test will help identify if it is related to the received signal dropping over the digital cliff.

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I believe they will retail around the $490 mark. I'm sure there will be places (inc mail order) where you could get them for less. I don't believe however there is much stock out there yet.

Hantrex usually hold the Healing STBs.

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Just a quick update on some points I posted earlier.

When the unit is connected to an XP system via the USB port, the disk drive in the HSR999 appears as a 'Local Disk' and is assigned a drive letter by XP. The disk management tool shows the drive as a 'basic' disk type, FAT32.

And when long recordings are made, the recording file size at the end will consist of multiple individual files which keeps each file below the 2GB limitation of FAT32.

In playback the unit handles this seemlessly.

In editing mode on the PC these files just have to be appended to each other.

The only trick I had to do with VideoRedo was to select a different PID (Program Identifier) for the audio, as the default it selected has no audio in it.

This is not required in all cases. I have found on a few other recordings it only had one audio PID, and this worked straight away in VideoReDo Plus.

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Guest roger rabbit

I have a Healing HSR999

and was just wondering if the firmware for the Wintal PVRX2 would work on this unit

as it seems to be the same the latest firmware on the PVRX2 is 192b and it seems to have a few good features

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