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Mad Max 2 Coming To Br And Hd Dvd

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Warner Home Entertainment will bring two more action classics to Blu-ray and HD DVD May 8 -- the cult faves 'Road Warrior' and 'Battle of the Bulge.'

Making their long-awaited next-gen debuts, both 'Road Warrior' (aka 'Mad Max 2') and 'Battle of the Bulge' will boast 1080p transfers, though audio specs have not yet been revealed.

Extras will include first-ever director audio commentaries on each title, with further materials to be announced.

Warner has set a suggested $28.95 list price for both 'Road Warrior' and 'Battle of the Bulge.'

Though the studio has not yet issued a full press release for the announcements, we expect one in the days ahead with full details. In the meantime, we've added fresh listings for both titles to our HD DVD Release Schedule and Blu-ray Release Schedule, under May 8. Stay tuned!

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