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Auto-tuning (timer) Functions Of Optus Digital Stb

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Still on Optus analogue (yes, I know, not long to go...), and want find out what the digital STB can & can't reliably do.

Currently I use the timers on the analogue Optus STB in conjunction with timers on the VCR to LP record BOTH pay-tv and (mainly) FTA channels (utterly crap FTA signal via aerial). Yes, yes, all very lo-tech here--but it meets my current requirements. Especially as I am occasionally away from home for more than a week at a time. I'll also add a few minutes fudge factor to the VCR timers as I may not always be around to tweak the recording times (and the Optus box remains tuned to the same channel).

Most commonly, I set endlessly repeating weekly timers on both. Sometimes I'll set programs by specific date for up to 2-3 weeks in advance. After all, I do receive a MONTHLY printed guide. Or a FTA program may be pre-empted for a week or 2. (VCR allows programming by date up to 1 month ahead; Optus analogue box allows programming by date up to 1 year ahead).

I have absolutely no intention of getting/paying for the IQ.

Does the new digital Optus STB (is there more than 1 model?) provide a comparable level of control? Are there any current problems users are experiencing with the Autotune function?

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