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Happy Birthday Djos

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And hanging out at DTV,just Ground hog Day :P

Yep :blink:

I gave up waiting for the toppy HD PVR to be released and purchased a Winfast HD TV Card and installed Windows Vista Home Premium on my pc so that I can use windows media centre. I have hard wired my pc (which is located in my study) to my xbox 360 (in my bedroom) so that I can stream my recorded HD and SD TV to my Xbox 360 which acts as a media extender to my projector (I originally streamed the broadcasts wirelessly to my xbox 360 but this was only OK for SD recordings, not HD recordings). So far so good. love how easy it is to use and all the other things I can do with windows media center. I have also subscrived to ICE TV. The rest of my rig is a little old now (ASUS A8N SLI Premium motherboard, AMD Athlon64 3700 939 processor, 2GB DDR ram, winfast 7800 video card, 400 gig HDD) but it is serving its purpose. My next upgade will probably be a dual tuner tv card.

Well your HTPC specs are a lot better than my HTPC (and main machine for that matter)! :D

Grab a DNTV live! dual PCIe Tuner card and it'll be pretty much complete!

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:P No OT is the right place. Although there may be a generic birthday thread. Mello will tell us off for sure!

Fell asleep at the wheel :blink:

Yup there is a generic Bday thread there but normal well adjusted people dont usually venture down that way.

With the magic of the internet and 3D Hyperthreading Technology Ive managed to link both here

Sorry djOS ..Im a bit late but Happy Birthday


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