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Hdmi Switch Not Passing Audio. Any Suggestions?

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Hi Guys,

I purchased a 5 port Kordz HDMI switch (HDS-51) from http://www.htcustomcables.com a few weeks ago and up until now I’ve only be switching DVI sources (via DVI-HDMI cables) to a 50” 51 Series Fujitsu plasma. These sources have been a Teac HD set top box and a Mac Mini. Yesterday I purchased a Philips DTR-7300 HD STB to replace the Teac as the DTR-7300 has HDMI output. This morning I plugged it into the HDS-51 switch and got video but no audio. I then unplugged the HDMI cable between the TV and the switch and plugging it directly into the DTR-7300. This worked fine and I received video and audio from the TV. I have also tried changing the HDMI cables between the DTR-7300 and the HDS-51 with no effect. Video works but no audio. The switch seems to be functioning fine except for the lack of audio. Does anyone have an ideas what else I could try? I've emailed custom cables but haven't heard back yet.



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