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460mm Deep Av Rack, Does It Exist?

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I'm looking for an AV rack to store some equipment but having a bit of trouble finding one that has a deep enough shelf for my 2u APC UPS. The UPS is 457mm deep, but the only racks I have found are 450mm deep. I don't really want the UPS to hang over the front of the rack.

Can anyone reccomend a semi decent quality rack that is not overly expensive (say less than $500) that has shelves that are atleast 460mm deep?

I like the look of this style of rack with glass shelves, but need something a bit deeper.

Also note that I WONT be sitting a TV or anything on top of the rack, that rack will be in the corner of the room with UPS, AMP, HTPC and DVD.

I would prefer something I can purchase online as we live in a country area and it's a bit of a PITA to travel arround to the shops and bargin with the sales people...

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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I would sudgest you have a look at ikea altho being in the counrty may make it difficult.I got my rack/cabinet from them,smoked glass door,4 adjustable shelves and 490 deep.About $100 from memory.

ps. i just noticed you can shop at ikea on line,will try and find a photo of my rack for you.

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This ?? Possibly the 4 leg version down the bottom.....

That one looks pretty nice and according to his picture should meet my depth requirement. I will try and get in contact with the seller and confirm what the acutual shelf size on the 4 legged version is.

I will also check out the ikea site and let you guys know what I can find...

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