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But it's fun. I almost get excited when a salesman looks down on me

My wife has the perfect comeback to that. She waits for the appropriate moment, then gives him an appropriately condescending look, and says "that's Dr. Thudd to you." Naturally, the salesman had already lost the sale, but at this point he generally realises it.

The very best one I ever saw though was a guy who pissed her off from the get-go. Then he naively asked, "so, Betty* - may I call you Betty?" "You may not."

* names changed because it's teh internets

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Hi Al,

I bought the Golf from Five Dock VW, who mid-transaction for me were bought by Barloworld. So basically the handover between the 2 dealerships was either poorly planned or not planned at all.

Registering my vehicle fell through the cracks, I picked it up with an Inteim sticker (and was told the rego sticker would come through the mail).

It never came. I have been chasing it ever since. I got confirmation yesterday this is now done.

Still, I sent a 3 page complaint to VW Australia. Fantastic product, but the worst service I have ever had. Being a woman and buying a car is such a challenge. But I love a challenge.

A few years ago, when I was shopping around for my Z3, I went to Alto BMW Artarmon and the salesguy wouldn't even take his feet off his desk while talking to me. Just condescending, and very "you can't afford it, don't waste my time" attitude.

I ended up buying from Trivett in Parramatta, the staff had gone home, the GM of the dealership sat with me himself, was impressed that I was looking at cars like that at my age (I was 24 at the time), and gave me a good discount.

When I went back to service it, he came out of his office, greeted me by name and asked how is Canon (used to work there at the time). This was a year later. Best service I have ever had.

And there's so many articles on how major purchases like houses and cars are driven by women, but some salesguys still don't get it.

But it's fun. I almost get excited when a salesman looks down on me and assumes (1) I can't afford it (2) I am a woman and therefore have no idea about anything except what colour looks pretty (3) being ethnic, I probably can't articulate anyway.

Love proving them wrong on all counts :D

And how are your speakers / Citroen / baby / super supportive wife?

You are very blessed Al.



good ot hear the golf rego finally coming through typhoon. pity with the treatment with the sales guys. there loss in the end, but silly this kind of thing still goes on.

citroen needs a good wash ! the diablo red looking more like strange shade of brown ! and the mag wheels a bit lost in the brake dust ! been extrmely busy and doing a lot of K's of late ! but water restrictions regardless must give it a good wash one of these days !

baby is very crook...with a dreadfull cold and nappy rash ! not a good combination and been keepign us up all week, super supportive wife has stayed home all week to look after her. good news is it seems the baby is getting better, and hopefully by tomorrow will be back to her usual self !

wife has been just tops really, jsut brought me some home made orange and poppy seed cake with ice cream and lindt dark orange chocolate ! yum ! :blink: she really knows what makes me tick ! hehe

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Graaarrggghhhh stuffing about with insurance companies at the moment

Don't complain Thudd!

With all the attention you are getting from Typhoon at the moment, I am seriously thinking of getting a new car! :D:blink:

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