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Gold Coast Frequencies-avlabs Avl-680

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Can anyone tell me the HD/SD channel frequencies for the Gold Coast so I can manually set up my AVLabs AVL-680 USB tuner?

My information:

Motherboard Manf ? Model ?


CPU Manf ? Speed ?

AMD Semprom 3200+ 1.8GHz

Video Card Manf ? Model ?

Albatron 7600GS

Disk Drives Manf ? Model ? Connection Type ?


DVB-T Card / Device Manf ? Model ?

AVLabs AVL-680

Wireless Lan installed ? no

Bluetooth Devices installed ?-no

Are you Overclocking ?-no


Q10. Video Card Driver Version ?

Forceware 93.71

Q11. DVB-T Card / Device Driver Type ? Version ?

AVLabs AVL-680/BDA


Q20. Operating System ?

Windows XP Pro

Q21. Service Packs installed ?


Q22. DirectX version installed ?


Q23. PowerDVD installed ? If so version ?


Q24. WinDVD installed ? If so version ?

Q25. DTV Application installed ? Version ?

DVB-T Plus 1.0

Signal Environment:

What Country ? Region ? Transmission Site ? are you trying to receive from.-Runa way Bay, Gold Coast QLD

Indoor or Outdoor antenna ?-indoor

other DTV devices, STB's etc work from the same antenna ?-2 LG LST-4100 HD STB's

Do you have Quad Shielded RG6 cabling installed end to end.-no

Do you have a Masthead amplifer, a Distribution Amp, a Passive or Powered Splitter installed ?-no

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Gold Coast Transmitters courtesy of AlanH.

Note: The Gold Coast operates under a Single Frequency Network (SFN) which requires precise antenna selection and installation


A Single Frequency Network as applied to Digital Television Broadcasts in Australia is a technique that allows multiple transmitters with overlapping coverage to operate on the same channel. Steps are taken to minimise the risk of interference between transmitters in these overlapping areas by careful control of output power and timing. It is not a perfect solution and particular care needs to be taken by antenna installers to achieve a reliable service in these overlapping areas. Courtesy of James T Kirk


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Here's a start (Gold Coast SFN). The AVLabs AVL-680 USB tuner's a bit of a flop :blink:

The alternate recommendation is a real stb + video capture card

ABC Television On-Air UHF 62 Hor 767.625 MHz

PRIME Television On-Air UHF 65 Hor 788.625 MHz

Seven Network On-Air UHF 53 Hor 704.625 MHz

NBN On-Air UHF 68 Hor 809.625 MHz

Nine Network On-Air UHF 59 Hor 746.625 MHz

Southern Cross Ten On-Air UHF 43 Hor 634.625 MHz

Network Ten On-Air UHF 56 Hor 725.625 MHz

SBS Television On-Air UHF 36 Hor 585.625 MHz

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