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106cm Plasma Under $1000 Brand New

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Did ya get ya 50inch samsung ?

Nah they couldn't match the price so i will have to wait till next week now and go back to Bi-Rite Electrical. Salesman at DS I was speaking with said lowest they could go was $3000 but while i was there watching the TV another salesman was speaking with another bloke and was saying mate $3200 is below coast but I will sell it to you at that..

I had to laugh :blink:

I bumped into the bloke later on in the store and gave him a heads up of where he can get it for $2650ish and he was rapped.. I might hit Bi-Rite up for commission :D

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Was in Dick Smiths new Power House store at Springwood and they had a 42" Plasma for $999 as an opening special. Cant remember the brand but it started with L i think..

I am tossing up whether to buy one of these for the kids rumpus room. Anyone bought one of these?

That would be the Lavic I'm guessing. There's a thread here with a little info in it:


I have seen one at DSE Powerhouse and I think it would be fine for a rumpus room TV.

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