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I'm just wondering if anybody has some thoughts on the menu systems of the nextgen formats. I haven't seen much written in articles about how responsive, user friendly, feature-packed etc the new formats are in terms of user experience. Am I right to assume that the menu capabilities of the two new formats are much the same?

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I have no idea. Not that I care about next gen menu systems at all. I'd be quite happy if they were exactly the same as DVD has.

So why bother commenting ?

Anyhow, I've watched about 25 HD DVDs and 2 Blu Ray movies so far.

The problem is that they are all different, it depends on the studio.

One of the BD discs went straight into the movie, I had to bring the menu up to select the proper audio track.

The other one was exactly the same as every HD DVD I have watched, in that the menu was presented without the movie starting automatically.

I love the new menus.

I love the way that you can open the menu without the movie pausing, it makes it far more responsive than the old DVD versions.

I also like things like being able to see 'time to go' and being able to set persistent bookmarks (HD DVD only).

I also like the way that the extra section has a lot more information about each extra, and will sometimes have a clip built into the menu to give you a taste of the extra in question.

anyhow, what was the original question again :blink: ?

responsive -> extremely

user friendly -> very

feature packed -> varies

are they much the same (BD & HD DVD) -> yes.


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