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Is Mactf-epg No Longer Useable?

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Thought I'd give this a try (I'm a Toppy newbie) and got it installed fine. Went to the FAQ on 'noates' page and followed the instructions - including the EPG-uploader TAP which seems to be required (The JustEPG link is dead).

Installed EPG-uploader with little fuss and then went through the (sketchy) process for uploading the downloaded EPG files from MacTF-EPG. Having now done this, my Guide on the Toppy has nothing in it - no shows at all.

Have I missed something?

Is anyone still using this successfully?

I have a 3 month free subscription to ICETV that came with my Toppy but wanted to try the 'home-made' stuff first........so far, not looking that flash......


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You should really be posting over on http://www.topfield-australia.com.au forums, you will get a much better response from there.

As far as I am aware, MacTF-EPG works fine still.

Things to check:

1. is there any "date.tgd" files on the Topfield HDD? Look in ProgramFiles, look in EPGdata.

2. what does the logfile of EPG_uploader show (hit exit to bring up its menu)? Does it indicate it has loaded any files

3. what does it's inifile have in it (again can be found from the menu)? The inifile provides an important link between the EPG data that MacTF puts into the TGD files, and the channel details you want the EPG data to be put into on the Topfield.

There is an ICE MAC-TF too I believe, I know about 6months ago the internet TV guides did everything they could to basically stop software from harvesting the information from the guides, I can't remember if MacTF evolved to get around that or not, people on the Topfield forums would answer this in a few seconds, there are quite a number of mac users over there.


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