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Is This A Good Ht Starter?

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Hi guys,

So we're in the process of planning our HT system and pretty much stuck toa budget of 1000... Walking around JB Hifi we saw this Wharfedale 5.1 set packaged with a Pioneer VSX-416 for $999. Not sure exactly what the other speakers are but the floorstanders in the Wharfedale set are Crystal 40's.

Do you think this is a good starter pack to base our search around, or are there other budget HT sets that you guys would recommend?

Appreciate any input offered, thanks,


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if you have more than 1 video source, eg foxtel, dvd, xbox, i would have a look for an amp that does component video switching or you will be upgrading in less that 12 mths guaranteed

they should only be $100-$200 dearer but they're worth their weight in gold

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Hmm component video switching... not sure exactly what that is, or how to see which amps have it. I will have to do a bit more research it seems!

I do know that the listening test is ultimately the key but wanted to narrow down the choices to really have a good go at.

Any other HT sets around this price range (which can be flexible if I can get something miles better for a few hundred more) which I should look at? I can see an accusound 5.1 set with Harvey Norman without a receiver for $899... the ebay various pure/dream acoustic sets which have had mixed feedback... etc

Looks like I could try to score a cheap Accusound set off ebay and buy an entry level receiver and spend about as much as for the JB Wharfedale/Pioneer set but then I wouldn't be able to listen to the Accusounds...

Appreciate all your input so far guys, extremely useful as always.

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