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I Think My Pace 420s Is Broken

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Hi guys

I think my Pace 420s is broken, Im currently on Sattelite Service in WA and i have two boxes connected with a Dual LNB and they are both Pace 420 Boxes (Non IQ), Since we moved house about 4 months ago i had fox out to re install the service and they put in the second outlet in the bedroom. On our bedroom box It constantly says (Searching for next available listing) when scrolling through channels or using the favourites feature (Yellow Button)

I have tried resetting the box and also doing a forced software update Im wondering what you guys think the issue is.

The Title of the program comes on if you actually select that channel but it wont when scolling.

My other box is working perfectly so i am wondering if it is a faulty box (IE ring fox and demand a replacement) or could it be a faulty LNB so the 2nd port on the LNB is not working correctly...

The picture is fine (Well as good as fox normally is) and the signal strength and quality are fine as well.

It is really annoying whn trying to select a program.

Also if i have to get a new box should i try and get a IQ for free..... especilly since they have to come out anyways... and Test cable / LNB

The only issue i can see is sometimes (Once in every 5 or 6 days) it works fine. So if they come out and it works will they charge me for the call out.


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