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Which Toppy Would You Buy Based On The Following Choices.....

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OK - here's my options.

Currently I could buy:

A brand new Toppy Black Panther - $499 (+ probably $50 frienght)

A brand new Silver 5000 120 g - $599 (no freight)

A second hand Masterpiece - Motherboard replaced 5 months after purchase - purchased 2005 - $600

Or would you just hang off a few weeks and see if they drop with the release of the 7000? From ringing around seems like most stores are no longer stocking the 120G 5000's or phasing them out.....

What would you buy??????


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As a hypothetical question, what hypothetical TV would I be using?

SD or HD or True-HD ?

If SD, I'd go with one of the SD models.

If HD, I'd look out for the 7000 (though I imagine they'll be pricey for a little while yet). If price is a big concern, I'd go an SD model with the intent on upgrading sometime in the future, when prices are lower.

If True-HD, I'd go 7000 for sure (otherwise, why would one pay for a 1080P screen if you're not going to back it up with a 1080P PVR etc...)

Luckily, I'm not in the market until June-July this year.....so hopefully all this nonsense with the Toppy 7000 will be sorted and the units will be well-tested & reviewed.

Personally, I don't see the 7000 affecting SD PVR prices anytime soon (to any large degree)...

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What would you buy?????? Chris
The 5000 is the most 'stable' and compatible with TAPs and firmware. TAP writters generall have to put in bug fixes and workarounds for other models. That said this isn't a huge issue in end user terms. An MP offers no real benefit other than an extra 40Gb (better to spend the $100 and buy a 350Gb drive yourself for the 5000). Second hand verses new also cruels the MP a fair bit.

Your stated cost difference is then only $50 between a black and Silver model. I'd go the 5000 but the BPs a bit cheaper and you might like black. Note the 5000 remote is a bit nicer than the BP one (although it doesn't have a multiple frequence option - needed if yo uget 2 Toppy's)

Which ever way you leap, enjoy.

Peter Gillespie

PS I don't see any major price drops in the near future. The HD and SD markets are quite seperate.

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