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Are Sony Crt's Worthwhile?

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I have just got back from JB hifi where I viewed 1080p LG plasma in 42in.

The quality looks pretty impressive.. .even on sd tv,

I haven't seen the CRT Sony but see that at the price..$2400 negotiable..?

for the latest that provides HDMI input for all the new hardware, warranty, new item, size and other obvious advantages with new technology... while being not sure about quality that the Sony may not/does not provide I am starting to think the Sony is quickly becoming outdated.

Would you mind providing me your thoughts as I am not following such issues as much as you are.

Thank you and hope you can assist.

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The only 1080p Plasma’s are the 50” Pioneer (around $10k) and the 65” Panasonic (over $14k).

For around $2400 you can buy a 42” HD Panasonic Plasma which is well ahead of the LG.

Forget about the Sony CRT, it is too small.

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