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Topfield Tf4000t


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I set up one of these boxes in Sydney and got it working fine and in going through the auto tune set up the channels tuned into their correct numbers ie 7 on 7, 9 on 9 etc.

Then when I took the box up to Port Stephens / Nelson Bay where the box is going to live, I did the set up and got all channels but the only one that is on its correct number is 2

All the others are all over the place

10 is on 5

7 prime is on 6

9 NBN is on 8

SBS is on 3

I phoned Topfield customer service but they did not have an answer and after fiddling around and reading the manual from cover to cover still no go. Any tips on whether you can put these channels in the right place ?

As well as all of this when you scroll up and down with the P+ & P- all of the chanels are tuned in twice because the box is picking up signals from Mt Sugarloaf in Newcastle and Ghan Ghan near Salamander Bay so how do you get rid of the "duplicates" ?

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I believe this is the LCN standard for regional areas. SBS is always on 3?

Press OK and follow the prompts, although I advise you to setup a favourites group, much simpler to navigate the channels and then if you move the box again or 7/10/whoever actually decide to do some multi-channeling broadcasts on their extra channels, you will have the channels avail in another favourite group.

As found on the DBA website, see this document for the LCN numbering scheme: http://www.freetvaust.com.au/media/Enginee...2_June_2001.pdf

Scroll down to the table and annex for a good explanation of the "Logical Channel Numbering" scheme.

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