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Lg 32lc2d Locking Up On Channel Nine

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LG are flying techies over from Korea right now, the TV's will all need a software upgrade. This will be officially announced tomorrow, contact your local store for more info. If you have an affected TV you will be told to contact LG on the 1800 number. The Korean techies are coming over to train local service agents how to fix the problem.

As soon as I hear more I'll let you know.....

P.S. the problem is in the guides, too many characters!!

Oops, guess I should have read the above link, anyhow, if I hear more than this I'll let you know...

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This is an odd situation because if you have these LG tv's and are recieving digital nine in the country victoria or any other state in oz then you are not receiving these freezing errors?

Incorrect....anyone in suburban OR country victoria has the same problem on nine...


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Yeah I have had the same problem. Only way to fix, is remove antenna, power cycle, change channel, dont use that channel for a while, or switch to Analogue. I contacted LG support, response from LG:

Dear Nathan Thank you for emailing LG Electronics Australia. This is actually a broadcast problem and has affected everyone. It is possible this may happen again whenever a station changes or ammends the way they broadcast. The remedy if this happens again in the future would be as follow: - Switch the TV off - Disconnect the antenna - Turn the TV back on with the antenna still disconnected - Switch to another channel - Reconnect antenna This will allow you to still watch other channels until the broadcaster has corrected the problem. Its recommended to stay away from the affected station for a few hours. Kind Regards Karine Wyatt Correspondence Officer LG Electronics Australia Pty Ltd ABN 98 064 531 264 2 Wonderland Drive Eastern Creek, NSW 2766 Australia Tel : 1800 643 156 Fax: 02 8805 4243

From lojo1

I bought a LG 42pc1dg didtal hd tv six months ago. The fix you describe will only work until thr next freeze up om Ch9. I have spoken to your authorised service centre in my area. They sat they expect you will provide a software download to cure the problem. So stop blaming the broadcasters. The bottom line is that you have released a faulty tv set on the public. Other problems with my LG (read Lemon Goods) include:

Favourites keep disappearing on Ch 7 sd and hd requiring constant resetting.

Speech out on sync with picture (mainly Ch10)

When set turned on, I don't always get sound with picture, meaning I have to change channels and then the sound comes on.

I can see why LG offers only a 12 months warranty, when all other large manufacturers provide between 2 to 5 years. Obviously they have more confidence in their product than you do.

The only way I would be happy with this situation would be to get my money back and buy another good brand. My retailer says he cannot do this. The trade practices Act requires goods offered for sale to be of merchantable quality and fit for their intended purpose. I don'rt believe mine complies withy this requirement.

I have tried to discuss this twice with your service centre in Melbourne (would you believe being on hold for 30 minutes the first time). This proved fruitless. I was promised that Vince ( the Customer Service Manager would call me back no later than last night. Guess what. I am still waiting for his phone call.

Get your act together LG. Spend a bit less on advertising and more on quality and service. Ptherwise no one will buy your product. I certainly know that I have made my last LG purchase.

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