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Sony 160gb Twin Tuner Pvr Struggles To Get Sbs Sd/hd

Guest Attadale

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Guest Attadale

All other channels fine. SBS channels usually fine but occasionally weak/no signal message and no picture/sound. I can receive on my second digital set-up drawing from the same aerial (a Toshiba s23a stb).

Anything I can do to discipline the Sony to resurrect the signal?- would hate to miss Top Gear because of sulky technology. I have tried turning off and letting the unit reboot - to no effect. Running 1.2 firmware. (No anti-Sony rants please, just helpful tips).

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Guest Attadale
Is the Toshiba in another room? If so try the Sony in that room to rule out poor aerial cables feeding where you have the Sony now.

Sony had SBS 30 tonight. My toshi never had issues getting SBS when set up in the room where the Sony is now (for ~4 years).

This is an intermittent thing (much like my SBS viewing anyway) with nothing I can link it to. Tonight I just turned the stb on and everything worked fine.

I have owned a Triumph Dolomite Sprint and use Microsoft at work (Mac at home thankfully) so I am not unused to temperamental technology, but have had trouble-free performance from my Sony to now.

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Guest ashcoops1

I am having the same problem with my SVRHD-900

Live in Hobart, running outdoor aerial, reception on 3 other sd stb's are fine.

Reception on all other channels on the Sony is perfect.

The Sony will not pick-up WinTV most of the time.

Have tried at another house in Hobart, same problem

I have 2 Sony's and it happens to both

See additional info 2 posts above.

* Have upgraded to 1.20

Sorry for the double post, in the main Sony forum

Any thoughts ?

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