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Harman Kardon Avr8500

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Does anyone know of a store or private sale of that has a HK AVR8500???



the hk avr8500 though an awesome avr is now two generations old so yoru goign to really struggle to find one. apart from s/h on ebay, forum sales, trading post and the likes.

the hk avr 7300 replaced it which as recently replaced with the 7400. thsi would have to be one of the gutsier avrs out there.

problem your goign to have with the 7300, 7400 is theyre goign to cost a bit and you might be better off buying a decent multichannel power instead with a stop gap avr/pre-pro to feed it.

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Yeah, I had thought of that.

As I have the AVR5550 at the moment, I wanted to keep the same look.

But it seems Im going to have to do a complete change dvd included.

as good as the amplification in the HK avrs are, with the league of speakers your lookign to I'd be considering a quality multichanel power amp.you could still use the hk avr as a pre-pro in the interim.

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