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Vista, Nvidia 7950gt & Desktop Re-size

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I am using Vista Home Premium and a nvidia 7950GT graphics card with the latest beta driver (100.64) connected to a HDTV (Sony SXRD KS70R200) via DVI -> HDMI cable.

I can not see any settings to adjust the desktop size on the TV and due to overscan, I can not see the taskbar, nor any edge.

Is it possible with Vista and nvidia? If so, how?


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I'm unsure of vista as I'm trying my best not to upgrade to it.... but M$ reasons aside...

In XP there is an option under the display device advanced properties for overscan correction.

Unsure how to get to it in Vista


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I think this is a limitation with the nVidia drivers atm....

Resolved Issues

See “Changes in Version 100.65” on page 7 for a list of resolved issues.

Limitations in This Release

The following are features that are not currently supported or have limited

support in this driver release:

• Refresh Rate Precision

The current driver programs the hardware timing for a 59.94 Hz refresh rate

to be the same as the timing used for a 60 Hz refresh rate.

• Pan & Scan

This driver does not support the Pan & Scan feature. (Pan & Scan is the

process of panning across the desktop in order to display a desktop on a

monitor with lower resolution).

• Full‐featured HDMI Support

The following are known problems that will be fixed in a future driver


• There are some known image quality issues.

• Noise and pixel corruption occur under Clone or Dualview modes.

• Only stereo audio is supported; 5.1 surround is not supported.

• INF Support for Restricted Timings

This driver version does not support the use of Restricted Timing settings

(R&T strings) in the INF to control mode validation and/or mode setting for

custom mode/adapter/monitor combinations. This capability is planned for

a later driver release.

• Overscan/Underscan Support

The ability to display the entire desktop on a TV is not supported—the

desktop will be masked instead.


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