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Perth Buyers - Jbhi-fi Pana 50" Pv $2999

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anyone seen this in todays paper...

just for those who are interested

to celebrate their Midland store opening.. they've got the Pannasoni 50" PV model

for $2999.....................................


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Apparently the internal processing chip is better/newer than the 60A (this was in another post). If you look on the pana web site the 600 model has the same image processing chip as the professional plasma model (I don't think this was true with the 60A and the corresponding "pro" plasma). Anyway this is from memory, and it doesn't take away from the fact that the 60A was a damn fine display as well!

PS one v good reason for going for the 50" is square pixels... that is, if you are using it attached to a PC, at native panel resolution, the images you see will be correctly displayed without being stretched horizontally. Not true for the 42" version with 1024x768.

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