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Help Needed With Sony Ht System Setup!

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Finally i managed to buy my dream HT package last month. I have been trying to hook up all the components since then but have been unsuccessful. I am attaching a file with all the equipment i got with their connection panel pictures.

Download link :


Also i have included the weblink for the product info page from SONY website.

I will greatly appreciate if you guys can direct me how to connect everything so that i can get the best performance out of my system. It will be really helpful if someone can make a table or matix with the following to make it easy for me to understand, for example :

Cable type - e.g. Component

Equipment 1 - E.g. LCD TV Where - Back panel ports makerd as "2"

Equipment 2: e.g. Amplifire , where - e.g. Front panel XYB ports.

Please ignore the option of using HDMI cables as they are very expensive. However i am willing to invest in component or other types.

If more information is required, please do ask ...i cant wait till i hook up everything and watch my first movie on my HT.

Thanks in Advance,


Equipment i got for my HT (ALL SONY BRAND)

LCD TV Sony KLV V40 A10

Home Theatre Amplifier Sony HTDDW1500

DVD Player Sony DVPNC62K

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number 3 and 4 should be connected to number 2 for video (component) and audio (TOSLINK Optical)

Number 5 should be connected to number 2 via HDMI (just do it. a HDMI to HDMI cable on Ebay will set you back like $30. You'll find cables are retail stores cash cows and are extremely over priced.)

Then number 2's HDMI out into the HDMI in on your panel. This will then allow the amp to switch both the video and audio at the same time, and bring all of the video and audio information to the panel at once, using the same single HDMI cable.

Avoid S Video and Composite. With a HDMI compatible system, it would be a crime to use these.

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122 views and only 1 reply ....seems like a geniune difficult situation i got into ....or it is too trivial for ppl to waste their time replyin :-s

Well, i am quite dumb when it comes to connecting cables .....i guess i need to pay someone $100-200 bucks to set it up .....!!!


Just read the FAQ's that have been setup for exactly these questions

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All the info you should need is at the top of this page.

If you don't want to use hdmi, simply use component cables for video, and optical for audio from DVD player out, to DVD input on the reciever. Then from the reciever component out to the TV.

Optical audio out on the TV, to TV input on the reciever.

I can't view your .doc file so can't do much there....

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