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Channel 9 / Nine (24 Hr) Full Epg

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I noticed today, by accident, that now in addition to ABC, channel Nine also has a FULL EPG!!!

At least on my Teac, it listed programs from 5pm to 11 am the next day. I set a timer for 630, at 5, and it worked. (that is, a timer that is out of the now/next range)

It is about time, but it is very welcome. I only hope it isn't just a trial. All we need now is ch 9 to go full HD (in Adelaide they were 1440x1088i anyway) and they will be a real channel.

Anyone else notice this? or am I way behind and it is old news?


EDIT: Ok, it isn't a 7 day EPG, but it is more useful than now and next

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