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Upscaling Question

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just wanted to pose a query..

if I'm using my HTPC with it's inbuilt DVD Player/Rcrdr & Geforce 6600LE video card with relevant drivers and with this playing back a normal DVD, when I have my LCD panel attached via DVI > HDMI, isn't a form of upscaling being done? ..given I can set the driver under XP to output 720P or 1080i ? then the LCD is left to portray the picture in it's native format? in my case 1360x768.

reason I'm asking is do I really need an upscaling DVD player if this is the case?

input appreciated


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Yep your upscaling using the video card's hardware (generally fairly poor :-) Your video card will upscale to the desktop resolution.

If your desktop resolution isnt the exact native resolution of your display, then your display will take the scaled image and scale it to the appropriate native resoution (generally bad).

Ideally you want to feed your display a video image thats the same resolution as the display (that way the display doesnt scale it - displays are **** at scaling (in general)).

Better still, you can use some software to scale the image (good) to the native resolution of the display (good) so neither the display, nor your video card has to scale it (good).




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Once you get the display working with 1:1 pixel mapping you should think about using ffdshow to do the scaling. There are excellent results to be had - try a google search as there is plenty of help out there on this topic.

Yes agree with that, The latest versions available from free-codecs.com work a treat and not too CPU intensive.

Just get the correct version for your CPU.

I am getting great results on a Core 2 Duo laptop. ( Media Player Classic another free gem ).

I think the AVS forums have lots of threads dedicated to getting set up and user settings.

It is a tinkerers delight but the results can be quite stunning with good material.

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