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Masthead Booster Purchase


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I'm currently in the process of trying to improve my Digital Rececption in Waroona, WA (south east from mandurah at the bottom of the hills) in a house that we just purchased.

After binning all the crap 20 year old coax and blowing up the old kingray booster (not sure which model it was) in the process i'm now looking to purchase a new booster. The old booster seemed to work fine with analogue for a few days on a hills PSU2 (the booster needed a new powerpack, I assumed it was a hills booster as I tried my father in laws powerpack and it worked, the mast was too high to confirm prior), but putting the new coax in with splitters removed and F type's installed, then trying the PSU2, the end result was a dead amp.

Can anyone reccomend a good quality masthead booster that will improve my digital reception? With the old booster (and old coax, can't test the new stuff yet) and for the 5 odd minutes I tested DTV (before I stripped the lounge for re-painting) we could pick up all channels but some had the occasional stuffers and sparklies, this is what I want to fix.

So enough of my dribble, which masthead booster are good for DTV?

EDIT: Forgot to mention, we currently have 2 antenna's up the mast, I believe one is a UHF/VHF and the other is a VHF (not sure on this though, basically one looks like the hills CA-16 but is mounted vertically and the other looks like a hills DY14 mounted horizontal). Note the key words there are "looks like", as I would have no idea what they really are, i'm guessing one's a VHF and the other a UHF.

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