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Philips 32ta1000/79 (81cm Lcd)

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Just bought this set from Harvey Norman's. It was originally bundled with an SD tuner (why?) but I didn't want the tuner so it was taken off the original price of $1500.

Good set, easy to set up and use. The way it should be.

I have pics of the connections at the back of the set. Here they are;-

The HDand PC connections

The main rear connectors (LOTS of them!)

Look! Another connector at the back.

The remote...

The front...I know it looks like crap here but that is more the fault of my cheap camera... and bad lighting.

I've found that I should not have the sharpness control above 50% when watching the SD set top box (terrible edge enhancement).

I've also found that this telly shows no mercy to non-perfect video signals (ie; when watching my VHS player on this telly the picture goes left and right and is generally horrible to look at).

My DVD player's video looks beautiful through this telly, even recordings I do off the STB at the 2-3 hour mode on DVD-r's look fantastic!

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I found almost nothing annoying with this set. I find the colour temp can vary slightly, although this could just be the source material.

The specs are as follows;-

Contrast ratio 1000:1

Screen type: LCD WXGA Active Matrix TFT

Brightness: 500cd/m2

Resolution: 1366 x 768p

This set pulls only a 3rd of the wattage of a plasma.

All in all, this is really ideal for first widescreen buyers.

OK ok, I wish this set had an inbuilt HD tuner, but at this price I really didn't expect one.

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