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Compressing Dtv Recordings

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I would like to compress my DTV recording to play on a DVD player. Can you recommend the procedure?
try www.doom9.org

This site has heaps of information and all the freeware you need to compress your recordings.

The procedure is there too.
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The idea of encoding SDTV to Divx codec is no longer a bad idea. In fact its a darn good idea.

Just sighted at Aldi today a DIVX/MPEG 4 / DVD/CD player Micro Hi-Fi unit that also has USB output for encoding CDs to any compatible USB storage device. This neat little unit also has component TV/SPDIF output. It sells for $99.00.

Wont be long before we see a DTV tuner incorporated into these little Micro Hi-Fi shelf units as MPEG 2 @ 576i SDTV decode is already inside the box.


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