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Digitv Heat Problem

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I am looking at purchasing two new Nebula-electronics DigiTV PCI cards, however the current one I have has issues when the temperature in the house gets above 25˚C the tuner looses total signal. Once this happens I have to shut the PC down and let it cool down.

This has been going on for about 2 years, through winter the card works fine I only have issues on hot days.

Has anyone else experienced an issue like this or am I just unlucky?


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Possibly unlucky, or perhaps your PC Case/Cooling needs some review. The heat generated by the CPU, motherboard and disk drives is the main problem generally. That can excessively heat the other components such as a PCI card.

If the case/cooling is fine then you may just be unlucky. The electronic components of cards from all manufacturers/suppliers are capable of failing.

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