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Memphis Belle Hd

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CH 9 seems to keep overunning their sports programming, with the result that movies often screen much later than advertised and my recording schedules don't manage to record the full program.

This happened on Tuesday with Memphis Belle: was scheduled to run from 10:15pm - 12:15am. I started recording at 10am but it looks like it didn't actually start until 11:30pm or something. Consequently, my scheduled recording finish at 12:55pm was not nearly long enough.

Did anyone manage to record the last hour say in HD?

It's really annoying because the PQ looked good and there was no watermark I could see: overall a good program which I wish I had the complete recording of.

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IanD - you're in Perth. Here in Perth Nine has no watermarks at all, except during national news programming. We're very fortunate. I wouldn't say they deliberately run over the sports programming, just in this particular case the cricket game did run for longer than expected.

Did you happen to record Memphis Belle HD?

I rarely watch CH 9 HD: not because their broadcast format is sub-par (in fact I think it may be the best quality in Australia), but because they rarely have anything on that I want to watch. So, it's frustrating when the one thing for some time that I would like to see can't hold to its schedule.

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