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Sbs Channel Changed / No Epg

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I re-installed the previous firmware (206A) and did a factiry reset (did not like tha way firmware 2073 worked). Not sure if they are related BUT SBS is now on a different channel number (I used to click on 3 to get SBS) and I do not have the EPG working for this current week when I uploaded that latest ICE file (I did this from 2 different versions of the XML file that I downloaded from Robbo's site). It had been working perfectly for the last few months.

Q. Is there something that I have done that I can correct?

Any help will be appreciated.


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I suggest you do a rescan of all the channels. The Logical Channel Number is transmitted along with the program. So in your SBS case that is how you got channel 3.

If that does not work, it will be either the firmware or poor signals.

Go to the Geographic Viewers’ Forum, which is near the bottom of the main forum’s home page. Select your region and read the pinned post “Get the Best Reception”. Please post any further correspondence in this strand for all in your region to see. I will see it anyway. You could also search your location in that strand for others in your area.


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