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The West Wing Season 6 Finale

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Yep, it's the final season. Got the DVD from UK last year and I think it works better than Season 6 with the switches between the presidential campaign and the Bartlett administration in the White House. In many ways I'm glad it finished when it did without going down hill.

I’d probably rate this as the best TV series I’ve watched. Amazing to think that originally Martin Sheen was only supposed to appear in the first couple of episodes and then the show was going to focus on the staff – especially the character of Sam, as Rob Lowe was the star.

Yes, while sad to see it end, after the election it could have gone on as a whole new show almost, with a few of the previous cast, but as it stands it ended on a high, covering the complete Barlett years and wrapping it all up.

It would have been very bad for Martin Sheen not to have continued and while Rob Lowe's leaving was a surprise, in the end it didn't really matter all that much, the original cast and few new ones more then held up their own.

In may ways I rate The West Wing as one of the best TV drama's (political), its up their with what I think is just about the best ever made for TV, anything, and thats Band of Brothers. The yanks don't oftern get it right, but when they do, its pure gold.

I'm planning to keep a bit of an eye on the current presidential campaign, mostly from interest after having watched The West Wing. I had a quick look at that Obama website and yes while the name is a little unfortunate, any jokes will soon wear very thin I think and he seems to have his head on right, maybe even a 'Matt Santos'.

One thing I know for sure, assuming that The West Wing is based somewhat on fact and given GWB, I don't think its far off, I'd be a Democrat voter, without a doubt.

While it's common to think or hope that you are just as smart as your average pollie, do you really want your average (or below average in GWB's case) person running a country? You want the super smart ones doing it, problem is, half the time they spent so long getting smart, that while they would do a great job, they didn't have the time to be 'media' successfull and with so much all being about 'image', you loose them and then look what you get.

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OT I know but close,

Wait till you see (soon, I'm told) the next series of "Spooks" - it just keeps getting better and better! :D


Jet :ph34r:

That wasn't bad at times. A little over-the-top, but I like shows with (comparatively) subtle humorous interaction.

The British do have a habit (or had a habit some time ago) of doing subtlety a hell of a lot better than the Yanks! That said, the WW is an example where some of the interaction can be at a less than in-yer-face level!

OTOH, sometimes completely unsubtle British shows can win me over. I have to confess I loved Hustle. Loved it! :blink:

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Of course not; it's fiction, not a docu-drama.

You got it in one. The show's creator is a died-in-the-wool Democrat.

Although Aaron Sorkin (the show's creator) is definitely a Democrat, the genius of the West Wing is that it doesn't go straight out and demonise the likes of Arnold Vinick or Glen Allen Walken, but addresses the issues.

With that in mind, it could be said he is more of a idealist than a Democrat - especially when compared with how the mainstream press deal with politics in real life.

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And just to wrap it all up, I just sent what I expect will be my last email to the ABC, it was as follows:

Congrads on the HD broadcast of The West Wing Season 6 finale, not only did the image in HD look great it was such a gripping episode, that I didn't even noticed till afterwards that the broadcast didn't have any big, bright, ugly and pointless watermark to help ruin the visual quality of the presentation and make 'our' ABC look like just every other cheap commercial TV station.

Needless to say I was disapointed (however not at all surprised) on starting to watch the start of Season 7 on Saturday 10 Feb, when sure enough the first thing one does notice is the bright watermark beaming out at me like a pulsar.

Now I know the ABC think its all important to mark their broadcast for a whole range of rubbish reasons that never stand up to debate (which is why when one tries to point out the flaws in logic, the email either stop or just keep repeating the same standard form of response and never actually address the points raised) and of course there is the usual defence of "its policy".

Well, in the end thats fine, since my policy now, is to ignore local TV and use the Internet, Librarys and DVD's to see all the TV shows that I want to see.

In fact, the main advantage of the ABC broadcasting The West Wing now, is that it seems I will be able to finally purchase Season 6 and 7 on DVD to complete my full box set. Sure it won't be in HD, but atleast it will be watermark free.

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Can anyone tell me how far away from reality (oops bad word) this show is?

A Nobel Prize winning President who quotes French and Latin?

A staff of witty intellectuals who have the best interests of the poor and helpless in mind?

If only !

But I do like the show, it's a good drama and great fantasy :blink:

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