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Modified Camera Jpeg Pic's Won't Display Using Flash Drive

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.........It may be the wrong thread but I need help from pc guru's

..... I hoping some one can help here.....

.....Now I'm not the best photographer

.....so my partner & I used photo-shop 6 to crop & reset the colour balance & exposure & saved the 2 meg jpeg files to a memory stick as well as an sd card & my plasma can either read sd cards or usb drives & I was presented with the thumb nails of the pic's on the plasma but that was as far it it would go :blink: ( these ports do play un-modified pic's dirrectly from the camera cards ok)

......My partner then stirred me up saying why do we have these toy's if they don't work & why does it always take so long & walked out of the room muttering things at me.... Heh Heh....

....not to worry so mmmm I then thried the pic viewer on my hd teac stb via flash drive & it wouldn't even respond to the jpegs

......so what is photo shop doing to these files or have I stripped some info from the pic's that is needed :D

......I then burnt the pic's to a cd & it worked fine via my pic viewer on the domestic dvd player connected to the plasma..mmmm..but when I used xp to do this a splash screen asked me do you want to modify these file's so the are usable on domestic eguiptment ( I can't remember the actual pgm mod that was mentioned as I'm at work but there was one)

*****Edit...I've just read my post maybe I should copy all the contents of the cd to a usb flash drive to see if the pic's now work as it did create some other folders but I'm yet to try this method.....mmmm*****

.....What's happening here & does any one know or has any one seen this before

..is there a fix for this so I can use memory cards or sticks to view my modified pic's

.......................... :P --ThisIsAllToMuchFun-- :P ............

..thanx in advance for any new info




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Perhaps 2mb files are too much for the plasma to read quickly from the card slots? What size are the original photos?

......thanx for the reply Mcrackn :P

....... but my partners 10meg a pixel camera produces 2 meg jpeg files of this size normally & they load quickly

..maybe by saving just the jpegs to a memory device I'm missing some data files file that are normally present

... (from memory & I'm guessing at this as I'm @ work at the moment) ......if you look at the folders created by the camera in a sd card there are 2 root folders & inside one of the 2 root folders there is another folder & then your jpeg pic's

...... :blink: Kim :D ....



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