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Divx Hdd Dvd Recorder


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Hello all.

I would like to buy a DVD recorder with hard drive that has Divx/Xvid compatibility but have a few questions.

1. Can Divx video be stored on the hard drive?

2. If so do the Divx files have to be on a CDR disk or can the files be transfered from a DVDR disk?

3. Any recommendations of a particular brand or model?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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I know that the LG DBRH197 (The one with the digital tuner built in) allows you to copy Divx files to the HDD, because I was just reading the manual on the web. And it reads Divx files from any disk (DVD-R,-+RW, CD).

I don't know if the copying of the divx files to the HDD is a common feature with all LG DVD/HDD recorders. I would assume so, but go to the website and check out the manuals. As for other brands that do this, I know Panasonic don't allow this. Don't know about Pioneer.

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