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Best Pvr Out There Just Could Be Ms Vista

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My current PVR setup is an xbox360 connected to microsoft vista media centre, and running IceTV for the guide.

Given that the other current PVRs out there are either vapourware, or have issues with their timers not working, or dont even have guide functionality (which really and trully is what makes a PVR awsome rather than good), i really think that vista is about the best option out there.

As an installer who has played with and installed tonnes of PVRs for people in the past, i'd say its not bulletproof enough that i'd be recommending it to anyone non technically minded (where as i would recommend a topfield 5000), but its interface and functionality are fantastic, and the fact that you can have a single PC with terrabites of HDD, networked to up to 5 x Xbox360's is awsome too meaning that you can record stuff in a single machine, then access it from any room in the house that has an xbox360.

XP Media centre left alot to be desired in my opinion, and so do alot of direct media centres picture quality wise (unless you are running HDMI to an LCD), but xbox360's to a vista media centre definately competes with the consumer boxes currently on the market.

The only drawback i have to mention is that the xbox360 fans are a bit noisy, so ideally you'd want it in a ventilated cabinet, with a glass door at the front to minimise the noise, but aside from that its a definite contender to those looking for a PVR with all the bells and whistles and who have at least a bit of PC knowledge.

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Yep, all very true Mich. I too have an HTPC and hope to move it out to the study via an Xbox 360. Might wait for the next 360 with HDMI and built-in HD-DVD drive...... :blink: But I was hoping for a consumer PVR for my dad, whose PC knowledge is approximately zero. But now that the Toppy 7000 will lack an ethernet port, and the Teac is buggy as hell, and the Beyonwiz may never exist, I'm thinking of setting up an HTPC for him instead. I guess I'll have to be his tech support, luckily I live only 5 mins away.....

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